new thinking

Guava Lime has been creating innovative, conceptually visionary projects in Australia since 2002. Our developments use leading design, innovative building and development solutions, and demonstrate new thinking which challenges the status quo.

At Guava Lime Property Solutions, we believe that success rests on the ability to identify and deliver the right product for the right location and market – which is why we are highly selective when it comes to choosing development opportunities.

Guava Lime incorporates the fundamentals of sustainable design into all of our projects. We combine long-proven sound design principles with new, energy-efficient technology to create environments which epitomise sustainable living. We continually challenge ourselves to innovate and explore new advances in sustainability, incorporating them into our projects whenever commercially viable. Perhaps most importantly, we consider the whole life of a building and how it will be used by residents and tenants both now and in the future generations in order to enhance and encourage sustainable living practices.