A whole week of cleanness and greenness

Guavalime are already sharpening our pencils in readiness to take notes at the July Clean Energy Week 2012 solar conference in Sydney.

With the jam-packed program promising to cover off on the future of large-scale solar energy initiatives, our team look forward to gathering ideas from those who are experienced in the field on an international stage – and we are certainly confident that the future frontiers of large-scale renewable energy grids in Australia is an exciting one.

This year’s Clean Energy Week focus is on achieving 20% renewable energy by 2020.

It’s an extremely relevant topic for most Australian’s at the moment, not only those households who are watching their energy bills make the speedy climb to the oblivion of the unaffordable, but for the energy efficiency industry itself, and for people like us, who centre our entire mission statement on creating future-proof developments – sustainably.

Clean Energy Week 2012 will also give us all an excuse to recognise those who are pioneering in the renewable energy field, particularly the solar sphere, with seven technical industry awards being presented at a gala event on July 27.

Some of the categories include acknowledging the leaders in solar hot water system or pump system technology and grid systems greater than 10kW.

To us, these renewable energy industry leaders are likely to form a huge part of our future when it comes to providing property solutions that are intelligent, forward-thinking and sustainable.

We certainly look forward to meeting and greeting many future household names, before they quite reach the household name status.

If you are interested in learning more about Clean Energy Week 2012, head over to the website at http://www.cleanenergyweek.com.au, check out the program and register yourself or your business.

We are pretty certain the coffee won’t come served in Styrofoam cups either. J

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