our directors

Guava Lime’s directors, architects Michael Loucas and Con Zahos, began their partnership in 1988 with the establishment of architectural practice Loucas Zahos. 

In 2002 GuavaLime was established with their first project, Aqua Apartments. A significant body of work has followed.

our approach

Our mission is to create environments that are innovative, sustainable and profitable, using an approach that balances practicality and commercial awareness with a strong design aesthetic and sense of integrity.

We believe that success rests on the ability to identify and deliver the right product for the right location and market – which is why we are highly selective when it comes to choosing development opportunities.

At Guava Lime, we also understand the power of relationships. Years of working closely with public and private institutions and remaining adaptable and responsive in our approach has made us adept at managing key stakeholders, allowing us to achieve the best possible outcome for every project.

Above all else, our approach is underpinned by the pursuit of quality. It’s what underlies our decision-making process at every level, providing guidance when solutions are sought and enabling us to draw the best creative resources to a project.

From funding packages and risk management through to lateral design solutions and marketing, we have a thorough understanding of all the elements it takes to make a development a success.


Guava Lime incorporates the fundamentals of sustainable design into all of our projects. We combine long-proven, sound design principles with new, energy-efficient technology to create environments which epitomise sustainable living. We continually challenge ourselves to innovate and explore new advances in sustainability, incorporating them into our projects wherever commercially viable. Perhaps most importantly, we consider the whole life of a building and how it will be used by residents and tenants both now and in future generations in order to enhance and encourage sustainable living practices.