Adelaide becomes first Australian city to launch private electric car scheme

In an Australian first, Adelaide is to become home to the country’s first private electric car scheme.

The innovative concept, officially launched today by Federal Senator Nick Xenophon, will see residents of a city centre apartment building take part in a joint car share initiative designed to minimize the building’s carbon footprint and encourage residents to live more sustainable lifestyles.

The scheme is being pioneered at new $16 million apartment building Flinders Loft, currently under development by Adelaide property developer Guava Lime Property Solutions.

Flinders Loft will place a strong emphasis on sustainable living practiceswith a range of green measures planned. Among them, residents will have access to a communal Mitsubishi iMiEV electric car. The car features zero drive time emissions and an electric motor powered by high capacity lithium-ion batteries, which can be fully charged through a household power socket in seven hours or one hour through a quick charge post.

Importantly, Guava Lime is taking the zero carbon emission target even further by powering the recharge points via photovoltaic solar panels on the building’s roof, thereby minimising the reliance on power from coal fired stations.

Guava Lime director Michael Loucas said that the car share scheme formed a major component of the Flinders Loft project and would pave the way for future city centre developments across Adelaide and the rest of the country.

“This is certainly an initiative we expect to see replicated in other CBD apartment buildings,” Mr Loucas said.  “Not only does it offer an environmentally-friendly alternative to conventional petrol-guzzling vehicles, it provides residents with a practical, convenient model of car ownership.

“There are no expensive maintenance, registration or insurance costs, and it keeps the number of parking spaces required in the building to a minimum, enabling us to better utilise that space by creating communal leisure or active areas for residents to enjoy.”

In addition to the electric car, residents will have access to portable folding bicycles that can be easily stowed in the boot of a car or carried.   A global phenomenon, folding bikes are becoming increasingly popular with city dwellers as they can be used in conjunction with multiple modes of travel.

Mr Loucas said that pre-release sales of Flinders Loft have been brisk, with over 50 per cent of apartments sold to early registrants.  Strategically located on the upper levels of the building, the boutique apartments echo the design of the Manhattan warehouse conversions which have revolutionised urban living in New York over the past decade. The ground floor will feature a café and organic food store.

Flinders Loft is located on Flinders Street and in close proximity to parklands, popular retail and dining precincts and Adelaide’s business centre.

The sales office at 276 Flinders Street is now open. For more information or a private viewing, register your interest at Alternatively, contact Julianne Price at the sales office on 0467 276 276.

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