Australia Shares Green Know-How

Australian companies are taking their sustainable building talents to the Middle East as part of the Australian Green Building Seminars.

The Australian Trade Commission and the Australian Consulate General have organised the series which starts on April 16 in Dubai, followed by seminars in Abu Dhabi, Riyadh, Doha and Rabat later this month.

Through these seminars Australian companies will be able to showcase their expertise in green building, energy efficiency and other aspects of environmental design, education and construction and meet potential customers in the Gulf region.

This is important both for Australian business relationships and sharing expertise and the Golf countries as Gulf Cooperation Council countries have high energy prices, water scarcity and are preparing to embrace corporate and social responsibility obligations. These countries are starting the process in building capacity to achieve better environmental standards which creates opportunities to share Australian knowledge and expertise.

Businesses who will travel to the seminars include those dealing in design, urban planning, engineering, architecture and consultancy services to the green building industry as well as those that supply green building and energy efficient products and technologies and general building and construction companies who work in the green building sector.


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