Australian Farm, a Shining Example of Alternative Energy

Solar energy is big business in the domestic market, but Australia has flicked the switched on its first large scale solar farm in October taking solar to new heights.
The solar farm is in Western Australia near Walkaway and is a co-operative effort between Verve Energy and General Electric.

The Greenough River Solar project could produce enough power to service 3000 homes or 10 megawatts. The farm uses more than 150,000 thin film photo voltaic modules and will displace 20,000 tonnes of greenhouse gases a year- the same as taking 4000 cars off the road.

“As the largest photovoltaic solar plant in operation in Australia, the Greenough River Solar Farm demonstrates that renewable technologies can contribute to meeting Australia’s future energy needs on a sustainable, cost-competitive basis. This is a positive first step in validating the bright future that large-scale solar represents in Australia,” Verve Energy CEO Jason Waters said.

The future plan is to expand the farm to 40 megawatts. The Western Australia Water Corporation will buy the electricity to power a nearby desalination plant. More solar farms are planned for country NSW, ACT and WA with other states also looking for alternative energy opportunities and domestic take up of solar systems has reached 858,000 homes across the country.

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