Bruneder wins $10,000 prize for 8m Flinders St mural design

Adelaide artist, Stefan Bruneder has won first prize in the Art in the Heart Competition, winning $10,000 and a commission to design one of Adelaide’s largest public artworks in Adelaide’s East End.

The mural, proposed for Flinders Street and eight storeys high, references folk and street art and features symbols and patterns that will ‘speak’ to passers-by and inhabitants of local urban buildings in the area.

Stefan’s design was selected from more than 70 submissions as part of a competition run by Adelaide property developers Guava Lime Property Solutions to find inspiring local artists to collaborate on various art works for their latest residential development, ART Apartments at 242 Flinders Street in the CBD.

Both Michael and his partner Con Zahos have been working with artists on integrated projects for more than 20 years.

“With a trend toward inner city, higher density living, residents still want to have those individual touches that provide some kind of personality to a residence,” says Michael Loucas. “The use of original artwork throughout the ART Apartments, both externally and inside with unique foyers and ceiling art on each level, helps to provide a bespoke feel.”

Other local SA artists including those shortlisted in the Art in the Heart Competition will be considered in the creation of various internal commissions for ceiling and foyer wall panels unique to key levels of the 14 storey building.

Michael Loucas said additional collaborative opportunities to work with the Adelaide arts community were also under consideration.

The ART apartments will feature 51 apartments and several penthouse suites. Construction will commence next month with an expected completion date in June, 2014.


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