‘Build it Back Green’ Initiative More Important than Ever

From the floods and fires of Queensland and Victoria through to the Japanese tsunami and, most recently, tornado-ravaged Missouri, natural disasters continue to destroy communities across the world. That’s why we’re so impressed with Green Cross Australia’s ‘Build it Back Green’ initiative, developed in partnership with the Green Building Council of Australia.

Build It Back Green was first designed to help Victorian communities recovering from the Black Saturday bushfires build their homes back in an affordable and sustainable manner. Now, as scientific predictions of more intense severe weather become a reality, the initiative is becoming a global phenomenon. And while we may not be able to fight the powerful forces of nature, what these major weather events do offer is the opportunity to break the greenhouse emissions cycle and rebuild with a reduced carbon footprint.

The goal of Build It Back Green is to make raise awareness of low cost green rebuilding techniques, focusing on energy efficiency, water savings and indoor air quality. Featuring eco-resilience tips, information on the science of extreme weather, a green building guide and information on how to receive tax rebates for sustainable building practices, the website is well worth a visit. www.builditbackgreen.org

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