Car-Free Living is the New Pedestrianism

With residents looking for ways of living more sustainably and in tune with the environment, new pedestrianism is set to become more popular as a way of urban planning.

It can be used to rehabilitate existing neighbourhoods or plan new towns and is being used in Bear Valley in the US and many resort towns include pedestrian villages and new pedestrianism has been proposed for a number of towns in countries across the world including Kenya and the US and focuses on residents being car-free.

It attempts to solve issues including health, energy, aesthetic, economic, social and environmental problems by reducing a person’s reliance on cars.

The main aims of new pedestrianism is to further reduce the negative impacts that come with vehicle use and instead encourages the use of non-vehicle transportation.

New pedestrianism seeks to encourage the use of other means of transport by replacing the streets in front of homes with tree-lined pedestrian lanes, encouraging walking or bike riding instead of driving.

There are different sides for walking and those in wheelchairs and another late for cycling, Segways, skateboards, roller skates and other rolling transportation.

These pedestrian lanes in front of homes encourages people to get out and connect with their natural environments including lakes, rivers and the bush.

Motorised vehicles can be served by including streets at the back of homes where cars can drive, with the emphasis of this only for trips that cannot be taken by walking or other means of transportation that has a low or nil impact on the environment.



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