Carbon To Become Sustainable Green Building Product in University Trial

Carbon could soon be locked up forever to make new green building materials in a joint venture between the University of Newcastle, Orica and the GreenMag Group.

The research pilot plant will be built at the University of Newcastle to trial technology that turns carbon emissions into carbonate rocks, which could then be used as green building materials.

Malavika Santhebennur from Australian Mining wrote that while Orica was already capturing some of its carbon dioxide emissions at its Kooragang Island manufacturing facility in Newcastle, it was looking for an appropriate disposal technology solution for itself and the industry.

The research team will include University of Newcastle Priority Resarch Centre for Energy professors Bodgan Dlugogorski and Eric Kennedy and Orica senior research associate Dr Geoff Brent.

Professor Dlugogorski said the difference with their mineral carbonation model was that they transformed the carbon dioxide into a useful product, rather than just storing it underground.

Professor Kennedy said they wanted to process the carbon dioxide emissions quicker than the earth’s national carbonation system so that they don’t accumulate in the air, and be cost-effective at the same time.

The trial plant is expected to be operating by 2017.




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