Cycle Cities Growing Greener

Cycle share schemes are taking off, running in 49 countries, turning cities into the cycle cities of the future.

ArchDaily’s Simon Henley writes that the rise in cycling could encourage the design of cities to change and could result in new urban forms.

Mr Henley wrote that disused railway lines were now being used as leisure trails, also used by commuters.

In cities, such as Amsterdam, there are also multi-storey cycle parking areas.

Those who live around these parks and cycle tracks or active transportation links (including running or walking tracks), is that they don’t have to contend with traffic noise or pollution and they change cities for the better, with rising land values and make the urban environment more active.

In Australia, Melbourne wants to become a cycle city and has recently taken a vehicle lane on the Princes Bridge as a trial to make more room for cyclists.

The city’s four year plan wants to increase the number of cyclists by 50 per cent, with $8 million invested in the past two years for cycle paths and a bike hire scheme.

Adelaide, along with many other cities around Australia, has also launched a bike hire scheme with Adelaide City Bikes being a free bike hire scheme available to everyone as part of the Adelaide City Council’s strategy to achieve a cleaner and greener city.

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