Event Opens Doors to Change

Urban Ecology Australia say the uptake of renewable energy sources, recycling and other environmentally-friendly initiatives has been too slow in Australia, but Sustainable House Day could change this.

Even increasing electricity prices have not prompted enough change and home owners are being put off making their houses more environmentally-friendly due to prohibitive costs.

ABC News reported that Urban Ecology Australia is urging stricter building standards to ensure effective insulation and the use of energy-and water-efficient appliances. All of these measures were on display during Sustainable House Day. Across the country, 150 owners of eco-friendly houses threw open their homes on September 9 for the event’s eleventh year.

The day gave people the chance to get a real-life look inside houses that had been designed, built or fitted out with sustainability in mind and talk to owners for unbiased advice. The event could be a catalyst for change for most people who saw the benefits of these homes.

A survey by the University of South Australia (UniSA) in previous years found that nine out of 10 people said they would make a change based on their attendance of the event. The respondents were contacted almost a year later and 75% said they had made changes to their own homes which meant Sustainable House Day was not just an annual event, it was a catalyst for positive changes.

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