Green Dollars for Businesses

Where and how people work and do business is undergoing a dramatic transformation and many employers and businesses are looking for greener ways of going about it.

Not only are businesses finding they’re saving the environment by becoming greener, they are also saving money and employees have been found to be more productive in green buildings.

Ella Copeland of Digital Supply Chain write that companies have to look to being environmentally friendly in all aspects of their business and in doing so ensure that it is not just the environment which will benefit.

It makes good business sense to implement sustainable practices and cut costs and entice more customers to the company and your product.

According to group Action Sustainability, between 60 and 80 percent of a company’s total spend is likely to be on their supply chain, so being more sustainable about getting products can and supplies makes businesses more environmentally friendly.

Ms Copeland writes that becoming more sustainable improves brand reputation, establishes a competitive advantage and can bring trading into line with environmental legislation.

Action Sustainability director Ian Heptonshall said that companies that want to be more sustainable

merely to be green may not be successful unless they can see good value in making the change.

“The business needs to understand why it makes business sense to be sustainable,” he said.


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