Green Farming

There are fewer jobs that rely more on the environment than farming, and many are embracing environmentally friendly methods to grow food for the world.

Subsistence farmers experience higher yields by embracing alternatives to conventional farming methods because, according to the International Food Policy Research Institute, the world needs to produce more food with fewer resources.

One alternative method is Agroecology, which mimics natural ecosystems, and improves soil fertility, adapts to climate change and reduces farming costs. According the UN, it also more than doubled crop yields within 3 to 10 years.

Developed in Australia, permaculture is organic and low-input using intercropping, water harvesting and recycling resources. Globally, some permaculture programs are run as part of other projects focused on health and environmentally sustainability, which gives communities many more benefits than simply greater food yields.

Sustainability is not an issue just for designers, architects or those involved in technology development, it’s something to be embraced by people in every aspect of their lives to make improvements to the global population.

These principles are not limited to farming projects, even home garenders can embrace the principles of permaculture in their backyard to enhance their produce and lessen their detrimental effects on the natural environment.

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