Green Food From Innovative Practices

SUSTAINABILITY is not just about living and building, it’s also about food production and solving a growing food crisis.

Environmentally-friendly practices have been rewarded at the South Australian Food Industry Awards held in Adelaide in mid-November, Pangkarra Foods from Hart (north of Clare) won the Foodland SA Product Award (less than 10 Employees) and were finalists in the Royal Agricultural and Horticultural Society Best Practice Award for their range of wholegrain pasta and flour made from durum wheat they grow using environmental sustainable farming practices.

Savannah Lamb from Hill River (east of Clare) was also rewarded for their environmentally-friendly farming practices with the Peats Soil and Garden Supplies Sustainability Award (less than 10 Employees) and the PIRSA Regional Award.

Savannah Lamb grows stress-free ethically raised lambs and is a business designed for maximum sustainability that aims to improve the land and captures energy within its farming system that would have otherwise been lost.

This was the second year the company had won the sustainability award as they aim for their lamb to be South Australia’s most sustainable food product.

Also working towards sustainable food production in SA is Philipp Saumweber who is growing fresh food in the desert outside Port Augusta.

Sundrop Farms has built a huge greenhouse, which uses very few fossil fuels and the sun to turn seawater into freshwater for irrigation and to heat and cool the greenhouse. even claimed that this project could bring about an answer to the world’s fresh food shortages when used across the globe.

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