Greening Buildings and Efficiency

Greening buildings and efficiency is an oft-written about topic, but more and more companies are wanting to reduce their carbon footprint, so it’s becoming the way of the future.

Data centres produce more than 130 billion kWh of carbon annually and the United States Green Building Initiative (GBI)  had recognised Internap’s Santa Clara Data Centre’s redesign for better efficiency.

Internap’s vice president of data centre design and engineering Randy Ortiz said he believed the data centre would be a template for environmental sustainability at any of the company’s new facilities in future.

“Everybody wins when you increase energy efficiency, so it’s incumbent upon us to explore all possible opportunities,” he said.

In the building’s office spaces, all electricity comes from renewable sources. The GBI believes the purchase of more than 400,000 kWh of renewable energy credits is helping to save 487,585 points of carbon dioxide.

Construction source’s Andrew Heaton wrote that using energy-efficient technologies, the building has cut energy used by 49 per cent.

It is the first facility in California to use reclaimed water in the cooling towers as opposed to potable water, saving an estimated 105,421,800 litres each year.

The building’s redesigners also re-used 99 per cent of the exterior structure and about 15 per cent of materials in the building were recycled from elsewhere.

Internap said it also aimed to promote a healthy environment for its staff by reducing air contaminants and volatile organic compounds.

The building is also close to public transport and Internap encouraged workers to carpool where possible.

Because of all this, and especially because of the use of reclaimed water, the centre is recognised as a two Green Globes certification.



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