Greening Government Buildings

The Australian Federal Election is on all our minds and governments always want to make cuts to save money, so how can governments save money from their own buildings?

The Green Building Council of Australia has called on political parties to introduce greener initiatives to government buildings to save taxpayers millions of dollars each year.

GBCA chief operating officer Robin Mellon said governments could reduce overheads and cut carbon emissions by improving the efficiency of existing buildings.

He said retrofitting was the most sustainable way to save money and green up the government’s buildings.

“A modest 10 per cent improvement in energy efficiency would save more than $35 million per year in electricity costs and be equivalent to the electricity required to power 23,000 homes,” he said.

“A 10 per cent improvement would also reduce carbon emissions by 167,000 tonnes – the same as taking 46,000 cars off the road.”

Mr Mellon said the recent Climate Institute’s ‘Boosting Australia’s Energy Productivity’ research highlighted that Australia’s poor investment in energy efficiency cost the country tens of billions of dollars in economic growth.

He said a symbolic gesture would be to gain a Green Star performance rating for Parliament House, being the most significant federally-owned building in Australia.

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