Is this NSW’s most sustainable home?

Green Magazine recently featured a home built in Sydney’s Rose Bay that could well be the most sustainable property ever built in the state.

Built without using a single brick, it incorporates design and building practices as well as energy and water efficiency measures which go far beyond regulation.

Among the property’s features are three water tanks storing a combined total of 6,600 litres; grey water diversion; an irrigation system feeding citrus trees, lawn, herbs, olive trees, banana trees, and passionfruit; insulation that sits externally, internally, under the concrete slab and on the roof via a combined roof panel; high WELS rated shower heads, taps, and dual flush toilets; and a three kilowatt PV solar system.

Kudos to architect Caroline Piddock for having the vision to create such an inspiring and forward-thinking building. Here’s hoping more Australian architects and developers follow her lead.

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