Making the Green Grade

The Green Building Council of Australia has reported the nation now has 500 green star rated projects, but could we do better?

Construction Source’s Andrew Heaton ( has questioned whether the country’s middle of the road ranking for energy efficiency (coming sixth out of 12) in the world’s largest economies is good enough with commentators saying we could improve.

The Green Star rating system for buildings was launched in 2003 to help the property and construction industry to reduce the environmental impact of buildings and improve, drive innovation in sustainable building practices, improve occupant health and productivity and save costs.

However, commentators such as WSP Built Ecology’s David Jarratt and iRubber ESD partner Ann Gardner said there were plenty of areas in which Australia could be doing more, particularly with building design and choice of materials due to costs and builders using products they’ve always used.

The issue could also be in educating young builders about environmentally-sustainable products. The Green Building Council of Australia, though, maintains that, with governments mandating green star rated buildings around the country, our numbers of sustainable buildings will only increase.

Along with this, the GBCA has stated that developers are raising the bar higher with each green project and owners and tenants want their buildings to be green and their lives enriched accordingly, meaning more energy savings for Australia and more Green Star projects embraced each year.

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