Medium-Density Residents Share Green Recreation Areas

Medium-density housing is becoming more and more popular and, as lot sizes diminish developers are providing more communal entertaining and recreation spaces.

Stephen Brook from The Australian, writes that these recreation centres are offering the idea of community to prestige estates and can include swimming pools, tennis courts and even home cinemas and lounges.

Medium-density housing has many environmental benefits over high-density housing. The Australian Conservation Foundation found greenhouse has emissions were lower where there are more detached houses, rather than apartments and flats. This was found in all five large capital cities and is contrary to the generally held belief that lower density living produces higher emissions.

Mr Brook reports that medium-density housing is growing at a rapid rate as governments seek environmental and other benefits.

These developments call for recreational areas in the more prestige estates, with less individual outdoor space replaced with communal space instead.

These prestige and increasingly environmentally-friendly estates are not limited to the outskirts of large urban centres such as Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, but are also growing in popularity in regional cities including Tamworth where one estate includes a solar-heated communal indoor pool including a gym, change rooms and toilets as well as fenced grassed areas that can be used for entertaining.

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