Real- Life Examples of Green Living

Environmentally friendly and low energy usage homes will throw open their doors next month for the annual Sustainable House Day.

September 8 will celebrate the 12th celebration of green thinking in house design and living, with about 250 houses expected to welcome people in so they can show off their environmentally friendly features.

The day is an opportunity for people interested in reducing their negative impacts on the environment to find out how they could embrace renewable energy, recycling and other green practices.

Rather than being a day of displays, these homes are working examples of how you and your family can live real lives and still be kind to the environment. Not only will these homes show people how they be nicer to the environment and save energy and finite resources, reducing their carbon footprint, they also show viewers how they could be saving money doing it.

Organisers said owners of sustainable homes were investing more in water harvesting and solar energy.

greater investment in harvesting water and solar energy as communities realise our resources are finite and likely to become more expensive. By becoming energy efficient today, you’ll be on the front foot to save on energy bills and help the environment now and into the future.

The homes are also real-life examples of how inventive architecture can be used to save energy and make home design greener.

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