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Australians now have a way of tracking sustainable homes with the Australian Living Sustainable Homes Registry.

The registry will track, list and report the number of new homes being designed and built in Australia that are rated 7+ stars for thermal efficiency, were constructed with sustainable building materials and use energy and water savings.

At the launch earlier this year, Australian Living marketing manager Anthony Lieberman called on architects, building designers, project home builders and developers to complete the form on the website every time they completed a sustainable home project, otherwise the registry would not be successful.

With the aim of tracking and recording the number of new homes being designed and built in Australia that go beyond the current Building Codes of Australia (BCA) energy efficiency requirements of six stars and BASIX requirements in New South Wales. The registry will also track the number of new homes being constructed with sustainable building materials.

Master Builders Association of NSW ‘Green Living’ program manager Grant Daly said he supported the registry in that consumers would be able to identify builders and associated businesses who were involved in sustainable home projects, as they would be tracked on this registry.

He said the registry was also a way of measuring growth in the sustainability industry, which was expected to be rapid as electricity and water prices continued to increase.

To submit a sustainable project, visit .

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