Smart Blocks Mean Green Buildings

An innovative program to help apartment owners and managers improve energy efficiency and environmental friendliness has launched in Melbourne and Sydney and there’s a workshop coming to Adelaide.

Smart Blocks can allow apartment buildings to reduce power bills by up to 30 per cent by providing a step-by-step project management and collaboration tool for owners corporations to reduce the money they spend running common facilitates, which can include lights, water systems, ventilation systems, heating and cooling plant, and swimming pools.

On average, residents of high-rise buildings use 25 per cent more energy per person than those living in detached dwellings with up to half of this energy use comes from common property.

The program was developed in conjunction with Strata Community Australia, City of Sydney, City of Melbourne, Owners Corporation Network of Australia, and Green Strata and has worked with about 15 cities and towns delivering free workshops for apartment owners and their managers.

City of Melbourne environment portfolio chair councillor Arron Wood said the city’s population was growing quickly and they needed to make buildings more efficient for their ultimate goal of being a carbon neutral city.

Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore said her city also needed to show its residents how being more efficient could save them dollars and be kinder to the environment and Smart Blocks had shown them how replacing old items with more energy-efficient products and using equipment in different ways could curb energy consumption.

A workshop will be held in Adelaide for apartment owners and strata and building managers on August 20 at 6pm at the Belgian Beer Cafe ‘Oostende’.


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