South Australia Embraces Sustainable Infrastructure

The South Australian Government has launched the country’s first infrastructure sustainability rating scheme.

The Australian Green Infrastructure Council developed the tool which can assess infrastructure including roads and bridges, ports, harbours and airports, communication and energy with ratings out of 100 points given to the projects or assets.

Infrastructure Sustainability is Australia’s only comprehensive rating system for evaluating sustainability across design, construction and operation of infrastructure.

Each project is assessed across economic, environmental and social criteria.
As well as being a rating tool, the Infrastructure Sustainability Rating Scheme includes an assessment process and education and training programs.
A rating in the 25-49 range is considered good practice, a 50-74 rating is excellent and 75-100 is leading practice.

“It will help us assess the quality of management systems, the process of procurement and purchasing, how a piece of infrastructure can adapt to climate change and what it will discharge into land, air and water,” Federal Infrastructure Minister Anthony Albanese said.

“The scheme is voluntary and helps create better, more sustainable ways of designing, building and operating infrastructure which can then be marked with a rating level. It demystifies the whole question of what exactly we mean by economic, social and environmental sustainability.”

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