Sustainability skills from paper to practice

Businesses, organisations and individuals across the world know how important it is to be eco-friendly and sustainable.

Tertiary education providers including Brisbane North Institute of Tafe and the University of Vermont in the US, have recognised the importance sustainability has in our lives and are offering sustainability training and accreditation.

These courses address environmental responsibility and can be applied across all aspects of life.

Brisbane North Institute of Tafe is already putting in place environmentally-friendly initiatives across its five campuses and taking this further is offering free, accredited sustainability training for the public.

Institute director Lynne Foley said they hoped to equip community members with skills so they could implement environmentally-sustainable practices in their workplaces.

The University of Vermont’s two courses in sustainability are offered exclusively online, appealing to those in business and working who are able to study in their own time and where ever they are located.

University Alliance executive vice president Adrian Marrullier said eco-friendly practices were not only good for the environment but assisted organisations to increase their profits.

These skills will not only be used in organisations and businesses, but flow into people’s everyday lives and their homes and, ultimately, increase sustainability awareness and initiatives throughout the community.

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