Less Food, Less Waste and Waist and More Sustainable

The amount of food that is wasted in the hospitality industry is alarming. Food wastage also goes against plenty of principles of sustainability, so a restaurant in Dubai is charging diners for their food by weight. They’re encouraging other countries to adopt their model.

Owners of the restaurant, Gramo, want to raise awareness of sustainability issues and promote eating in moderation in the UAE.

This is not a new concept, with the Halfsies project, and others like it, getting foodies to think about how much they are eating and take into account how much food they are wasting.

At Gramo, created by Lootah Hotel Management, patrons choose from either a la carte service or the pay-by-weight buffet. This sets it apart from all other ‘all you can eat’ restaurants as diners have to be more selective about what they choose and how much they select so they don’t pay for food they don’t eat. Therefore, they waste less and possibly eat less. This idea is being encouraged in other countries as the issue of food waste and obesity increases.

Lootah CEO Nasser Saeed Lootah said they wanted Gramo to offer a real taste of Arabic cuisine, but be mindful of the waste the hospitality can create, and manage it in a sustainable manner.