Trash to Electric Treasure

When people think of green energy solar power or even wind power might come to mind, but what about landfills producing energy for cities?

With the carbon tax drawing near, councils are thinking green and coming up with initiatives to save money and the environment.

Federal Parliamentary Secretary for Climate Change and Energy Efficiency Mark Dreyfus and the Australian Government are encouraging councils to capture methane from their landfills to reduce their carbon footprint and to generate electricity.

Councils can also use captured methane to generate electricity for the local community and generate another source of income under the Renewable Energy Target.

Newcastle City Council in New South Wales currently uses its landfill gas to create enough power to supply 3000 homes.

In the US, landfills are also being used to produce electricity. In New Springfield, Ohio, a gas to electric facility to be completed at the end of this year will power about 3500 homes and produce 4.8 megawatts of eletricity.

Methane gas, which is produced in the landfill from the decomposition of waste, will be channelled into engines that are used to create electricity. This will be fed into the electricity grid and feed local homes taking pressure off traditional fossil fuels.

Australia could soon be following suit across the country, truly proving ones man’s trash is another’s treasure, or power in this case.