The Bug Key to Food Sustainability

Sustainability is a holistic way of life not limited to architecture, town planning or green star-rated structures, it also includes what and how we eat.

Insects might not be the choice of food for most Australia,s but The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation says they’re the food of the future because they’re sustainable.

The UN’s FOAO states that food is becoming scarcer and it is not feasible or sustainable to increase the land available for farming, so diverse food sources are needed.

The UN believes that insects are the answer to a more sustainable food source, a way of diversifying diets and more than two billion people already eat them.

The major reasons the UN sees insects as one of the solutions to sustainable food production is that they can provide protein and nutritional needs that disadvantaged members of society could lack, they are easy to raise and harvest and can be farmed or harvested in the wild, they could offer a cheap and efficient opportunity to counter nutritional insecurity by providing emergency food and insects could also improve the livelihoods and quality of traditional diets among vulnerable people.

Sydney celebrity chef Kylie Kwong already serves up crickets in a variety of dishes at her restaurant in the harbour city.

She recently told the ABC that she’d been serving insects since February and she’d had a positive response from diners and that insects were delicious.


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