The Direction of Clean Energy

OUR keenness to learn more about Clean Energy Week 2012 led us to a fascinating report commissioned by Deloitte and released this month (March 2012). The Design Features of the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) report can be a bit arduous to read in one sitting, but the crux of it is anything but boring.

In a nutshell, the report tables the findings of 40 senior decision-makers from the finance and investment sector, who got together to have their say about the capital market barriers that were blocking the speedier commercialisation of clean energy technologies in Australia.

These decision makers are from places like major commercial banks, superannuation funds, investment firms and project developers in the mining and manufacturing industries.

The purpose here was to put together a bit of a mud map about how capital tied up in large institutional investors can be “unlocked” to help enable a more intense phase of clean energy technology initiative roll-outs across Australia.

To start with we were just overly excited that there was a paper/movement that so strongly endorsed the need for this movement, especially when it involved so many key decision makers from the big end of town.

And although the CEFC is still in the process of defining its overall vision, anything that works to achieve better public outcomes for large-scale clean energy in Australia is a win for us, and anything that focuses on doing so to specifically reduce the national greenhouse gas emissions is just an added bonus.

The report starts to list off a whole lot of avenues for raising funds to improve the future for clean energy initiatives in Australia and includes a bit of a SWOT analysis on the obstacles that need to be overcome before Solar Thermal projects, Bioenergy projects and the widespread commercialisation of Wind Energy technology can really become a reality on our shores.

If you’d like to take a look at the report yourself it can be found here, and is easy to search and navigate if there is a particular topic you are interested in.


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