The Green Architecture of Land

Architects are not just valuable for designing the built environment, the worth of landscape architects is being recognised as people see the value of green space in urban environs.

In cities and urban areas around the world, people are becoming more health-conscious and, therefore, wanting more walking and running tracks, which landscape architects can design.

The Australian Institute of Landscape Architects sees the architect’s role as increasing connectivity, multi-functionality, and landscape performance in the built environment.

Humans are dependent on the health of the natural environment and as cities and towns focus on reducing the use of resources, the management of green resources can influence how effective human responses are to these challenges.

The AILA believes that new design and management solutions for our built environments are needed and green infrastructure strategies can provide a framework for holistic planning, design and monitoring of the interactions between the built form and the environment within which it is situated.

Landscape architects work to address these challenges by utilising vegetation to overcome issues within the human environment such as filtration and slowing down of storm water-reducing erosion, improving air and water quality, energy use and biodiversity and generally improving sustainability in the built environment.

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