University Promotes Green Building and Design Practices

Victoria University will teach apprentices and pre-apprentices how to be green in their chosen careers.

With the carbon tax in full force, green building is not only good for the environment, but makes good commercial sense as they save not only energy, but money as well.

The new Sunshine trades college at Victoria University aims to teach students construction and design techniques that will reduce the carbon footprints on buildings as well as competency standards and innovations to reduce energy use.

The trades college will cover carpentry, plumbing, bricklaying, electrical, engineering, fabrication, furniture and signs skills.

Helen Grimaux, of Brimbank Weekly, reported that the building features a two-storey internal garden wall and an external gabion rock wall, drawing cool air into the building during hot weather, as well as night stacks that use cooler night air in conjunction with air-conditioning systems.

She also wrote that hydroponic heating extracts warm air from deep underground to complement water heaters.

Future students or anyone interested in the new building, which is hoping for a six-star Green Building Council rating, can tour the facility from now until March 13 with teaches on hand to give career advice and offer expert opinion.

Victoria University has made many moves towards implementing environmentally-sustainable living and building techniques in the past, with students transforming a 1950s Californian bungalow into an EcoLiving Centre last year.

The centre showcases how community members can save money on water and power and reduce their costs of living as well as their impact on the environment.

The bungalow was retrofitted with products to promote sustainable building and living practices.

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