Veges Grow Up Green Walls

Vegetable and herb gardens are a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and become more self-sufficient as well as sustainable.

They’re also no longer the domain of those with large properties, backyards or even courtyards- they can be grown up, not just outwards.

Green walls can be decorative as well as useful and edible and they can be grown in small or difficult-to-use spaces.

Edible walls are popular in Singapore, New York and the UK, where they can grow enough produce to feed hundreds of people.

These green, vertical walls are also becoming popular on television reality shows including My House Rules and The Block, which have demonstrated their usefulness.

University of Technology, Sydney post-graduate researcher at their Institute for Sustainable Futures Judith Friedlander said these walls meant there were no longer any excuses not to garden.

UTS researchers have found that these green walls make cities more habitable and more human by being able to grow your own produce.

They’re also good for greening our cities, becoming more sustainable and reducing carbon footprint by becoming less reliant on store-bought produce.

As they become more popular, they’re also quickly becoming design statements, and increase the  environmental friendliness of any building.

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