World Green Building Week

Australia is celebrating excellence and progress in sustainable building with World Green Building Week running from September 17. More than 90 countries are coming together for the third year of the event. The Green Building Council of Australia said the week highlights the role that green buildings and communities play in reducing the global carbon footprint and saving money, whilst creating jobs, boosting productivity, health and learning and improving lives.

“Many Australian companies now have international reputations as sustainability specialists and we are leading the way in terms of green products and innovations,” Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) chief executive Romilly Madew said.

“In ten years, we have transformed some segments of the property and construction market – such as commercial offices – and we are making inroads into other markets, with sustainable schools, hospitals, shopping centres, industrial facilities and apartments a reality across Australia.”

Ms Madew said World Green Building Week reminded us that sustainable building was not a fad or a fashion, but was the future. Australia is a world leader in sustainable building and living and the week ahead will show this off to the world. During the week there will be walking tours, online chats, events, competitions, seminars and product launches.

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