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GuavaLime has been creating innovative, conceptually visionary architectural developments in Australia since 2002.

Our projects use leading design, innovative building and development solutions, and demonstrate new thinking which challenges the status quo.

our projects


Adelaide’s most eye catching new attraction


Beyond raw brick archways and copper detailing, spa-inspired bathrooms and colourful artworks cater to the discerning, curious explorer

Boutique apartments offering luxury living and a village lifestyle, designed for Brisbane’s most prestigious suburb

Set on the eastern end of Flinders Street, ONE offers a contemporary, eco design boasting integrated green spaces and vertical gardens

Seamlessly blending indoor comfort with outdoor appeal, Breathe Residences embodies modern Australian design, sustainability and innovation for a timeless living experience.

about us

GuavaLime was conceived twenty years ago when two architects realised the market needed a property developer that would never cut corners when it came to delivering high quality, design focused developments.

Founded by award-winning architects Michael Loucas and Con Zahos, GuavaLime delivers innovative, high quality, and commercially successful projects underpinned by a passion for design excellence and enduring placemaking. Their partnership was built on a professional history tracing back to 1988 when the partners first began designing residential, multi-residential, and commercial properties in Adelaide, Australia.

Since then, GuavaLime has expanded its scope throughout Brisbane and across the country, solidifying a reputation built on a legacy of delivery high-quality architectural developments. We deliver major multi-residential projects, create new precincts for living, and set new standards for placemaking with our award-winning hotels, mixed-use developments, and multi-residential properties.

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GuavaLime has offices in both Adelaide and Brisbane. Please submit any enquiries in the form below and a member from our team will be in touch shortly.

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