Green Cars Head For The Hills

GuavaLime are joining with other environmentally-aware organisations in Adelaide to support more electric car charging stations outside the CBD.

South Australia’s Environment Minister The Honourable Paul Caica launches the ChargePoint Electric Car initiative with developers GuavaLime

"We want to encourage environmentally conscious people to travel and see all that the Adelaide Hills has to offer"

Grahame Murray

Owner, Organic Market & Cafe

On Thursday, April 19, South Australia Environment Minister The Honourable Paul Caica will launch the initiative with ChargePoint, a provider of electric vehicle infrastructure, at The Organic Market Cafe in Stirling.

GuavaLime are developers of the $16 million residential eco-building in the heart of Adelaide, Flinders Loft and strong supporters of the use and proliferation of electric cars and other eco-friendly initiatives.

“This is an initiative that we expect will only improve upon the practicality of electric vehicle usage in Adelaide,” GuavaLime Director Michael Loucas said.

“It provides an incentive to adopt environmentally friendly alternatives to conventional vehicles.”

GuavaLime will participate in the event along with organisations including BankSA, Mitsubishi, ETSA and the South Australian Government.

The launch of extra charging stations in the Adelaide Hills will increase the driving range of electric car users.

“The significance of the charging stations is that they extend the range of travel possible for current and future owners of electric vehicles,” ChargePoint CEO James Brown said.

“They will now be able to commute to the Adelaide Hills and recharge their cars while going about their business. Australia’s ChargePoint network already has a breadth of coverage that rivals the United States as the largest EV charging network in the world.”

The new installation of two the electric vehicle charging stations outside the cafe is in addition to major initiatives by Mitsubishi and Adelaide City Council, to introduce fast charge stations within the city’s CBD.

The launch comes at a time when electric vehicle usage is increasing steadily and is expected to continue to grow in the coming years.

The Organic Market and Cafe is pleased to support any initiative that embraces clean, green technology.

In 2009 and 2010 they won the Best Organic Retail Outlet in South Australia from the Biological Farmers of Australia.

“We want to encourage environmentally conscious people to travel and see all that the Adelaide Hills has to offer,” owner Grahame Murray said.

“We are all about eating well and living well. We pioneered retailing organic produce in South Australia, so it feels right to be the first outlet outside the CBD to install networked electric vehicle charging stations.”

Mr Murray is keen to challenge others to embrace similar initiatives.

“I hope this encourages others in the Adelaide Hills to do likewise,” he said.

“Let’s form a loop from the city through to Hahndorf, Mount Barker and Lobethal.”

The Organic Market and Cafe will see two types of stations installed- level 1 and level 2 charging points to cater for the different marques of electric vehicles on the market, including the Mitsubishi i-MiEV, the Nissan LEAF and Holden’s Volt, to name a few.

ChargePoint’s James Brown said electric vehicles could travel more than 100 kilometres, but used more energy when climbing hills, so it was a smart move to have public charging stations outside the CBD.