GuavaLime Transforms Eastern Quarter of Adelaide into a Cosmopolitan Precinct

In nine short years Guava Lime has transformed Flinders Street, in the eastern quarter of Adelaide, from a tired block of commercial buildings into a modern and vibrant precinct.

Architectural Developments

Soho Hotel, Aqua Apartments, & Flinders Loft by GuavaLime

With five projects complete and one about to commence, our vision for the revitalisation of our 45,000 square metre Flinders Street precinct is well under way and includes residential apartments, rooftop gardens, offices, a hotel, restaurants and cafes. It marks a cosmopolitan direction for the South Australian capital.

However, if you see yourself living or investing in the precinct, your window of opportunity is small. After the success of the first stage of Zen Apartments, which sold out last year in just ten weeks, it is expected that the newly launched Zen2 Apartments won’t be on the market for long either.

For those who are unfamiliar with the burgeoning laneway culture of east Adelaide, you will find quality coffee shops, restaurants, public and bike transport, art, theatre and music venues at every turn.

From an investor perspective, there is only a limited number of inner-city developments available in Adelaide and Zen2 Apartments is the only one on the market in the eastern part of the city.